Trial by fire? That may have worked when you learned to ride a bike, but it’s probably not a chance you want to take when getting into real estate. Studies have shown that the quickest way to success is through those who have already succeeded. Whether you’re about to roll the dice on your first investment or if you’re continuing to analyze without action, The Real Deal will get you investing the right way, from the start. We’ve taken the guesswork out of investing and provide you the tools to succeed.

We strongly believe that by investing in your financial education – you can grow your business and achieve your ultimate goals of having more time and money. Those that are truly wealthy accumulate assets – things that produce income for them. But, in order to know how to do that, you first need to invest in yourself. To be the best, you must constantly learn and surround yourself with people who have a different perspective… people who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

Our coaching program will allow you to reach your ultimate potential so that you are investing strategically, using logic and systems, rather than emotion. With our owners having done over 1,000 real-estate focused projects, you can rest-assured that you will receive the best support and knowledge you could imagine.


​​It all started with the same purpose: To change our way of lives from work-centric to life-centric. The Real Deal is the result of a group of determined, experienced investors that came together to solve the problems faced by all start-up investors. After working together on deals, discussing similar industry pitfalls and sharing a similar passion and desire to help others, our path became clear. The result? A “supergroup” of like-minded real estate investors and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds was formed. Our coaches bring individual experiences and knowledge about everything from raising private money and establishing a brand to managing a crew of renovation specialists and interior design expertise. It’s truly an elite team of business owners and industry experts.


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Matt Hedstrom


Kelly Slipher