Adam Slipher


Adam has created a colorful career in advertising, branding, design/build and real estate investing. A problem-solver by nature, he has a knack for finding creative ways to get things done. After he and his wife had their second child in 2010, he committed to setting some life-changing goals that required applying his talents to real estate investing and has resulted in a course for massive success and growth.

From a young age, Adam has long been an advocate of pushing limitations and boundaries of what can be done. He has a passion for inspiring others to think bigger and to challenge the status quo. He loves pushing others to success and is a strong believer in living by example for his family and friends. He takes pride in breaking the confines of what others consider their opportunities to be through lifting self-imposed limiting beliefs.

Today, Adam operates multiple real estate businesses, orchestrating wholesale transactions, managing renovations, growing a property portfolio and developing new business opportunities. He also actively generates new sources of private funds, working with a series of trusted lenders across the country.

In addition to real estate, Adam still delivers branding, strategy and creative direction for various national brands with tenure at a respected creative agency in Southeastern Wisconsin. He and his wife and business partner, Kelly happily work together growing their businesses and raising a family of two energetic kids. Always making time for fun, Adam enjoys being outdoors, camping, fishing, trail biking and is passionate about his kids’ current talents in softball and go-kart racing.

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