Nina Ferraro


Nina Ferraro leads multiple real-estate investing business that primarily operate in Southeastern Wisconsin. These businesses operate with the intention of contributing in economically positive ways for the communities in which they reside. With over 15 years in multi-million dollar project management, advisory services, and people leadership outside of real-estate – Nina brings experience and skills to ensure there are forward-movingsolutions for each business; focusing on company growth, strategic solutions, and relationship development to both internal team members and external partners.

Nina is driven by taking an idea into action, or “activating.” Within her real-estate businesses, she focuses on establishing and implementing: business foundation and operations strategy, process development, final deal analysis, and lender relationships. Her current focus is continuing to grow the company’s passive-income/rental portfolio to well over 250 properties, and ensuring that the company can properly support this growth.

Nina’s strength lies in wanting everything and everyone around her to measure as excellent, no average. She loves to transform something strong into something superb by maximizing strengths (not focusing on weaknesses). blessed. Nina seeks out roles in which she can help people, projects, and companies succeed – through coaching, mentoring, and teaching. Seeing someone’s strengths and life grow is a passion for her. Nina is also the co-owner of Boldly + Co., a company focused on helping people become their absolute best in all areas of life through well-researched methods, tools, and coaching.

Nina and her amazing husband (and business partner), Mitch, have two spunky and wonderful children who help remind her that life is about much more than “work.” Her personal passions include reading, traveling, eating appetizers instead of entrees, and competitions (of any sort – from tennis, to trivia, to obstacle courses created by her children).

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