Each of our courses consists of multiple webinars and hours of training. As a backbone of our own personal investment businesses, these tactics and tools are proven and cut out years of trial and error. Not only is it the best in training, but we also get you in the mindset and structure to succeed with personal development curriculum. The Real Deal puts you in the driver’s seat for success in life through real estate.

Funding Your Deals

If you have the right deal, you’ll find the right lender. This course covers the right approach for finding lenders, approaching them and pitching deals with confidence.

Marketing For & Finding Properties

Truthfully, we’re all in the marketing business. If we’re not marketing, we’re not doing deals. This course walks you through all the essentials, from self-promotion and building your brand to identifying your target customer and creating marketing materials.

Rehabbing Done Right

This is where the rubber meets the road. Any investor that doesn’t have this process down, could risk financial ruin. With such high-stakes, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the best process, understanding, contracts and documentation. The Real Deal leaves no stone left unturned in our Rehabbing Done Right course.

Passive Income Portfolio

To flip or to hold? That’s a question you’ll likely be asking yourself as your flipping business grows to the next level. Building your passive income portfolio will be your long-term ticket to financial freedom. This course curriculum lets you in on our proven, repeatable process for attaining homes without any money out of pocket.